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Well, until I can properly submit my fanart, you may have to deal with pictures of them (which I may have to do anyway with some of them since some are too big to fit on a scanner anyway).

I'll submit other stuff too, like writing that can't really be put on fanfiction, so, yeah...

Random Favourites

Uh... Yeah, not much to say except that if I like it, odds are it'll end up here. ... Duh.


rog by PinepawStagCat

First time drawing Roger Daltrey? Are you sure about that? I wouldn't have guessed that at first glance. Even without the title, I prob...

I just came back from multiple hours of shoving rocks around the front yard of the old house, and wow do I feel sore. I don't regret doing it, but I was definitely not cut out for hours of manual labor. Not exactly the best thing to do the day after my last day for my college semester, either...

So anyway, I saw that E350tb and el-Jimmeister found this thing, and I just had to try it for myself.

My last words are: "I surrender!"

...Wow, my last words suck. Let's see some other ones.

Dr. Eggman: "Remember, keep going and don't look back." (I would love to hear him say this. Not as his final words, though, because that just wouldn't be right.)

Penguin: "Don't worry, I'm the main character. I can't die!" (Clearly whichever version this is did not see "Batman Returns")

Oogie Boogie: "By the way, I poisoned your drink. You will die in 5 minutes." (:|)

Audrey II: "Long live Japan!" (lolnope)

Dr. Zoidberg: "I'll be back." (Is he suggesting the show will be revived again?)

Well that was fun. I guess now I'll-

Wait...what's this towards the bottom here? Something about how successful a pairing can be?

...Oh yeah, I am so trying this one out. (Keep in mind that I don't take these results that seriously. At all.)

SpongeBob/Sandy: 22% chance of being a successful ship (I know it most likely will never be canon, but sheesh...)

Plankton/Karen: 37% (But it's canon...)

Patrick/Mindy: 56% (How come this has a higher possibility than the other two when Mindy only appeared in the first movie?)

Oswald Cobblepot/Veronica Vreeland: 82% (Was not expecting that high a score, but yay!)

Harley Quinn/Joker: 37%

Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy: 53%

Harley Quinn/Penguin: 61% (So Harley Quinn is better off with The Penguin than in the two canon-ish pairings she's in. Huh.)

Fry/Leela: 48% (Oh don't tell me they're gonna break up again if the show comes back...)

WALL-E/EVE: 65% (Again, it's canon, so not too surprised.)

Po/Tigress: 4% (Jeeze...)

Danny/Sam: 84% (Well it is canon...)

Cosmo/Wanda: 26% (...then again, so is this.)

Jimmy/Cindy: 86% (I'm kinda curious as to why this one is higher than all the others so far.)

Jazz/Ember: 32% (That's still better than a couple of the canon pairings so far.)

Jiminy/Timothy: 21% (That's 1% less than Spandy. Interesting.)

Mario/Peach: 60%

Luigi/Daisy: 83%

Audrey II/Pinkamena: 11% (Don't care, I ship it anyway for the lulz.)

Gadget/The Brain: 29% (That's what happens when you have one half wanting to rule the world and the other wanting to save it.)

Pinky/The Brain: 36%

Dr. Robotnik/Sara: 7% (And yet it's still got a higher percentage than Po/Tigress.)

Dr. Eggman Nega/Blaze: 70% (...Don't look at me like that, I was curious.)

Now for some other ships I've found in some fanfics I've riffed on (sans Timmy/Tootie and Timmy/Trixie, because no)...

Spongebob/Sarah: 7% (See, there's a reason why they didn't even stay together for three whole stories.)

Danny/Caden: 19% (I guess they broke up again somewhere in the never-posted ninth chapter.)

Batthan/Zoey: 74% (This has a higher percentage than most of the others. What. The. Fuck.)

Hunter J/Ganondorf: 60% (Okay, this wasn't really in that story, but I felt like I had to mention it somewhere.)

Squidward/Lumpy Space Princess: 9%

Squidward/Ashlee: 36% (But- How is this higher than the other one? How?!)

Squidward/SpongeBob: 14%

SpongeBob/Ashlee: 20%

Ashlee/Lumpy Space Princess: 74% (Why?!)

Tina/Claude Frollo: 27% (No wonder it didn't work out then.)

Anna/Jafar: 71% (What the-)

Dr. Robotnik/Amy Rose: 23% (How is this more plausible than Robotnik/Sara?)

Alright, I have a small theory about the self-inserted ones, so this last one's just for a test...

Dr. Eggman/Ericka (last name withheld): 75%

...Okay, I'm convinced; this thing's (mostly) biased towards fictional characters/real people or self-inserts.

I'm gonna stop now before I get too carried away and squick you all any further than I usually do.


United States
There's not much for me to say about myself. I am a fangirl of the character known as The Penguin. (Please don't try to judge me for that, though.) I enjoy drawing. I am more of the fun-loving type, though. So... Yeah, I'm not very good when it comes to talking about myself. Sorry.

If you want to get to know me, just ask. Okay?

Current Residence: Somewhere in California
Favourite genre of music: Older Rock and roll, but I'm okay with most others.
Favourite style of art: Most anything is fine with me.
Favourite cartoon character: Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot a.k.a. The Penguin! (A Batman character.)
Personal Quote: When life gives you lemons, squirt them in the eyes of someone who disgusts you.

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