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Well, until I can properly submit my fanart, you may have to deal with pictures of them (which I may have to do anyway with some of them since some are too big to fit on a scanner anyway).

I'll submit other stuff too, like writing that can't really be put on fanfiction, so, yeah...

Random Favourites

Uh... Yeah, not much to say except that if I like it, odds are it'll end up here. ... Duh.


rog by PinepawStagCat

First time drawing Roger Daltrey? Are you sure about that? I wouldn't have guessed that at first glance. Even without the title, I prob...

I'm just going to cut to the chase on this one: I'm sorry, but as the title suggests, I think this new Activity Feed thing is really pointless. A lot of the stuff that's on there ends up in my messages anyway (duh, I watch them for a reason), and if it isn't that it's just status updates that I don't care much about and... stuff that's been favorited by people that I watch. What? What those people favorite is their business, not mine. I don't want to see that stuff when I first get to dA. What about actual artwork that's been posted by other people that I may not know about? Sure not all of it may be good, but I'd rather take a chance at seeing something that someone recently submitted that might catch my eye rather than stuff I'm going to see again anyway. I try to hesitate from complaining about changes because I don't want to end up being that person who complains about every change that's ever happened to something ever (coughpokemongentardscough), but this change just seems like it's going in the wrong direction.
Also, I'm not very fond of the new hashtag system. Just thought I'd mention that while I'm at it.

Okay, mini-rant/ramble-thing over.

Anyway, E350tb tagged me with this some time back, so here we go.

1. Name one of your favorite shows/manga/anime/stories/movies/series
Pinky and the Brain

2. Pick one of your ocs.

3. What does your character think about it?
He loves it; it's one of his favorite shows. ...That actually explains quite a bit about him, now that I think about it (aside from the fact that his parents are nutty themselves).

4. If your character were in the show/series, how would they react to the characters?
He'd become really dorky around Pinky and the Brain and probably start discussing world domination stuff with them. I can see maybe Pinky liking him, but Brain would probably get annoyed with him.

5. If they do not get involved directly with the protagonist(s), which side are they on?
If he hadn't met them, he'd be on his own side.

6. What character alignment would your character fall under while in the universe of this series?
...That's a really good question. :| If I had to pick one, I'd probably say Chaotic Neutral.

7.If your character were in the show/series, what role would they play?
He'd probably continue his own quest for multiversal domination, but would leave at least Earth alone for them.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go see if my brother will stop being a douche and keep to his promise for today (he hasn't so far).
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United States
There's not much for me to say about myself. I am a fangirl of the character known as The Penguin. (Please don't try to judge me for that, though.) I enjoy drawing. I am more of the fun-loving type, though. So... Yeah, I'm not very good when it comes to talking about myself. Sorry.

If you want to get to know me, just ask. Okay?

Current Residence: Somewhere in California
Favourite genre of music: Older Rock and roll, but I'm okay with most others.
Favourite style of art: Most anything is fine with me.
Favourite cartoon character: Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot a.k.a. The Penguin! (A Batman character.)
Personal Quote: When life gives you lemons, squirt them in the eyes of someone who disgusts you.

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Hey...have you seen the trailer for the new spongebob movie yet?
Cartooniac55 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
I just did. I promised myself that I wouldn't get my hopes up too high for it, but with that trailer showing what the animation looks like as well as some of the humor, revealing part of the story, and having Antonio Banderas look like an extra from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies... it's really hard for me to not have some hope for it.
Furresoto Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014   Traditional Artist
I thought it was pretty funny, to be honest. The CGI weirded me out at first, but hopefully I'll get used to it. The plot with the pirates and stuff seems kinda cool imo. I just think the CGI superhero designs in the real world are just so strange. But I kind of want to see it when it comes out! And yeah. Antonio Banderas. That's kind of hard to beat.
Cartooniac55 Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
And as a pirate no less. Not gonna lie, that's pretty cool.
Yeah, some of the CGI bits did weird me out a little, but I think I could get used to that. Heck, the CGI could be a lot worse like Video Brinquedo worse. I'm just happy that it showed that Plankton and Sandy are definitely going to be in it (especially Sandy since she barely showed up in the first one).
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