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Well, until I can properly submit my fanart, you may have to deal with pictures of them (which I may have to do anyway with some of them since some are too big to fit on a scanner anyway).

I'll submit other stuff too, like writing that can't really be put on fanfiction, so, yeah...

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Uh... Yeah, not much to say except that if I like it, odds are it'll end up here. ... Duh.


rog by PinepawStagCat

First time drawing Roger Daltrey? Are you sure about that? I wouldn't have guessed that at first glance. Even without the title, I prob...

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So it's been a slow day (as always) and I just remembered this meme I wanted to post on Valentine's Day but didn't because I'm lazy, so...bleh. :P

Select at least 5 pairings that you like/ship. (You can do more, but since the meme asks a lot of comparative questions 5 is a good minimum. I'd recommend 10 be the max for sanity's sake, but if you want to do more…)
They can be any kind of pairing. 100% canon, your true OCs, fan-character/canon-character, crack pairing, crossovers, one-sided crushes, same-sex, opposite-sex, polyamorous, etc. No limits, though if you cross the realm in pedo or bestial pairings the public reserves the right to call you a total sicko.
List them in no particular order below.
Answer the questions truthfully.

1.) Spongebob/Sandy (how typical =P)
2.) Oswald Cobblepot/Veronica Vreeland (hey haven't mentioned them in a while)
3.) Dr. Robotnik/Sara
4.) Local Lad/Acid Queen (haven't mentioned them in a while either)
5.) Audrey II/Pinkamena
6.) Oogie Boogie/Queen Chrysalis
7.) Randall/Wack Lizardi
8.) Gadget/The Brain
9.) EVE/Tom Servo
10.) Discord/Frank N. Furter
11.) Wilt/Frankie (Screw the rules, I'm going with thirteen!)
12.) Morbo/Linda
13.) Luxord/Eggman Nega (aaaand cue everyone going "WTF" and doing a double-take over when the fuck this became a thing)

What universe are your pairings from? (If they're from an established canon by another creator, name it. This is also where you indicate if they're true canon, fanon, or true canon from a verse you created on your own.)

1.) SpongeBob Squarepants (duh); fanon-ish (Hillenburg did say that SpongeBob had a chaste crush on her at one point, and then there's arguably the wedding situation in that... "special")
2.) Batman: The Animated Series; fanon (sadly)
3.) Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie/OVA; ...fanon? (Robotnik did plan on marrying her somewhere towards the end-ish of the movie...then again nothing about the OVA is canon anyway)
4.) Tommy; completely crack-fanon (won't stop me though :lol:)
5.) Little Shop of Horrors/Cupcakes; fanon (though I'd love to read a fanfic about this)
6.) Nightmare Before Christmas/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic; fanon (unless Disney decides to do something really weird with both of them since they own Hasbro now)
7.) Monsters Inc./Felix the Cat: The Movie; fanon (you seeing a theme here?)
8.) Rescue Rangers/Pinky and the Brain; fanon
9.) WALL-E/Mystery Science Theater 3000; fanon
10.) MLP:FiM/Rocky Horror Picture Show; fanon
11.) Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends; fanon
12.) Futurama; fanon
13.) Kingdom Hearts/Sonic the Hedgehog; crack-fanon (unless KH and/or the rumored Wreck-It Ralph sequel get really freaking weird)

Are they married, affianced, steady boy/girlfriends, friends with benefits, dating, crushing, or any variation thereof?

1.) Friends that naturally end up being more than that, so boyfriend/girlfriend.
2.) I always tend to write them as two people who decided to eventually reacquaint themselves with one another, slowly became friends, then more than that, and then got married, so married I guess.
3.) Well I guess Robotnik has some kind of interest in her, so... crushing, I guess?
4.) Started off as sorta-friends with benefits, started dating some time later and then got married some time after that.
5.) Mutual crushing and may or may not be each other's significant others.
6.) One-sided crush thing on Oogie's part, but Chrysalis doesn't mind being a bit of a tease for him.
7.) Vaguely flirtatious bantering crush on Wack's part.
8.) One-sided on Brain's part, due to his whole take-over-the-world agenda.
9.) Dating.
10.) Friends with benefits I suppose.
11.) Mutual crushing.
12.) ...I'll have to think about that.
13.) I'll leave it up to you to think of what kind of relationship they have, and I most likely won't confirm or deny which answer is right.

What inspired you to create the pairing? If it's an established pairing in its canon, tell us why you like it so much.

1.) It's been so long ago that I don't really remember.
2.) I became smitten with the idea of them staying a couple about halfway through watching the episode "Birds of a Feather" even though I knew that obviously wasn't going to happen.
3.) Became my guilty pleasure ship after watching the OVA/movie.
4.) I dunno.
5.) I had just gotten into LSoH, and shortly after that I became curious about Cupcakes again, and then this happened.
6.) I'm not sure, honestly.
7.) Honestly, I made it as a possible partnership just out of curiosity, then wondered what it'd be like if they were more than that.
8.) I thought it up as a Third Option Love Interest to the ever-unwanted debate over whether Gadget should be with Chip or Dale.
9.) For fun.
10.) Lulz, mostly.
11.) I just thought it was kinda cute. That, and out of all the pairings I've seen for FHfIF, it's somehow one of the less squicky ones.
12.) For lulz. That, and it kinda popped into my head after I heard about a small deleted scene where Morbo lost his shit after he heard that Linda had been arrested (I guess a missed funny and "aww, he actually does care about her" moment).
13.) I did it for the lulz. (I was gonna go with Luxord/Lady Gaga/Eggman Nega, but I felt that would be going too far.)

What is/are their favourite activity/ies to do together? Describe an ideal date for them.

1.) Karate!
2.) A night at the opera.
3.) Playing video games or riding around in a giant fighting robot.
4.) I imagine it'd be something they'd both find bright and fun. It may or may not involve playing the piano and singing.
5.) Singing and baking with friends.
6.) Does trying to take over a town or kingdom count?
7.) For some reason I imagine it involves either scaring people or poking fun at each other.
8.) It'd probably involve science-talk and building things out of whichever materials they have on hand.
9.) Watching a movie that may or may not actually be good.
10.) ...Do I have to think about this?
11.) Possibly going to some kind of a sporting event or just hanging out and doing whatever.
12.) ...Good question.
13.) I imagine it'd involve cards and the attempted destruction of a planet.

How is their sex life? If they're not banging, just ignore this question or write a random curse-word in the space for them. =P

1.) Shit
2.) I always tend to write for them as the parents of two children. Make your own assumptions on what that means.
3.) If there is one, I'm willing to bet it's awkward at best.
4.) Er, funny thing about that...
5.) ...Let's not go there.
6.) Fuck
7.) Bitch
8.) Ass
9.) Bastard
10.) ...It's Frank N. Furter and a being that can warp reality; draw your own conclusions from that. :P
11.) Crap
12.) I don't think I want to know.
13.) ...Does sex with a Nobody really count as sex? I mean they supposedly don't exist, so would it count as some kind of masturbation? (Yes, I'm not posting a cuss word nor ignoring it and yet still avoiding the question entirely with this one. What of it?)

Do they have/plan to have children. If so, how many? If they already have kids or you have specific kids planned for them, share ages and names.

1.) Well I did make one or two of them many years ago (one was the first child FC I'd ever made), but I don't plan on bringing them back anytime soon.
2.) Oswald Junior and Bunny; ages depend on what's going on (I put Junior as the older one).
3.) They don't have any kids, but Robotnik apparently does want them while Sara clearly doesn't (or at least not with him).
4.) Not together, but Bernie (14) still treats her as if she really were his mom.
5.) Siamese flytraps Flour and Flower, and flytrapony Sugar Pie (yay shout-out naming), all of indeterminate ages as of right now. Before you ask the obvious, here's your answer.
6.) Paras (16). Don't ask how she came about.
7.) No way.
8.) Nope.
9.) ...But they're robots. :|
10.) No, but I shudder to think of what kind of kids these two would have.
11.) I don't think that'd be possible.
12.) They both have kids, but none with each other.
13.) Can a Nobody really have any children? If they supposedly don't exist- Wait, why am I asking this? They aren't capable of having a biological kid with each other. (I guess Nega could always clone himself, but I don't think that really counts.)

Do they have a happy ending in store for them? If their relationship ends, how so? (Death, divorce, break-up, etc.)

1.) I think so. :)
2.) I tend to keep them together, so yes.
3.) ...I'm not sure if this has even officially started yet on Sara's end.
4.) Logic says probably not, but this isn't logical to begin with, so yes.
5.) I dunno...
6.) I don't think a happy ending for these two is possible here, but hey, they can be miserable together if they want.
7.) Not even sure if this has really started.
8.) Maybe if Brain gave up his ways of trying to take over the world, but we all know that's never going to happen.
9.) Yeah, maybe.
10.) Well Frank's a bit dead, so I'm gonna have to say no.
11.) I suppose it could, if Wilt never gets adopted by someone far out of town.
12.) I have no idea.
13.) Considering that they're both villains and Luxord ends up dead/doesn't exist anyway, I'm gonna say no on the happy ending thing.

If any of the listed pairings is a fan-character/canon-character pairing, do you honestly think it could work if your fan-character was a canon character? Be totally honest. If none of the pairings listed are FC/canon, disregard this question.

Right, guess I can't really answer this since none of them apply.

Are there any canon influences that do or could possibly destroy the pairing's likelihood? Examples: If they're established by the creator, is there a romantic rival or possible force beyond their control that could break them apart? If they're fan-made, either with canon characters or a FC/canon pairing, could they end up dead or are/could very likely in the future be paired up in an established canon relationship you don't care for? Disregard this question for pairings from your own original universes. Since you're in control of those I assume you approve of what you're doing.

1.) Well, there was Patty, but no sane person actually likes that.
2.) The show's been over for a long time now and they never really interacted after that one episode, so...I dunno.
3.) Since nothing about the OVA is canon anyway, I'm gonna say no.
4.) Doubtful.
5.) It's Pinkamena from freaking Cupcakes; I highly doubt any pairing is canon in that.
6.) I doubt it.
7.) Not really.
8.) Well there's Chip and Dale on Gadget's end, then there's Pinky on The Brain's end (and don't tell me he doesn't count)...
9.) Not unless you count the wedding between Servo and Crow as canon (which I don't, tbh).
10.) ...Let's not go there.
11.) The show ended years ago with little to no real canon pairings, so I'm going to assume no.
12.) There's Morbo's wife, for one, but does she even show up that often?
13.) If either of them does end up in a canon relationship, I'll be very shocked. It wouldn't bother me much, though, as this is a crackpair.

Do any of the pairings have what you would call a desirable relationship? I know we all have different definitions of that, but I'm referring to one built on mutual respect without a lot of bullshit drama or emotional baggage attached.

1.) Yes, these two could have a good relationship.
2.) If they had stayed together, maybe.
3.) Not quite...
4.) I'd love to write it as such.
5.) In a very twisted way, maybe.
6.) Probably not.
7.) Maybe underneath all the light fun-poking they could.
8.) I believe it could be possible if Brain stopped his world domination attempts (which will be never, so not exactly I guess).
9.) Sure, I don't see why not.
10.) Oh no, oh hell no.
11.) It's possible, I guess.
12.) Hmm...
13.) One is a being that supposedly doesn't exist or have feelings and has a gambling addiction, and the other is hell-bent on ruling the world and doesn't care much for the consequences. I hardly think anything about whatever relationship they'd form would be very desirable.

Are any of the pairings listed above actually bad relationships? Manipulation, abuse, infidelity, generally shitty people involved, etc.

1.) Not really, no.
2.) Not as long as she doesn't break his heart again (which may be unlikely since she really did seem sorry for what happened).
3.) :shrug: 
4.) They have had some problems, but none quite like this, so no.
5.) I guess there would be some manipulation on Twoey's end...
6.) You say that as if they were an actual couple in the first place.
7.) I dunno.
8.) If they were a couple, I don't think they'd have many problems like those described.
9.) Not as far as I know.
10.) If you know who Frank N. Furter is, you probably have some idea about why this wouldn't be too good of a relationship.
11.) No.
12.) ...I'm not really sure.
13.) You did read what I had to say about this in the previous question, right?

And now for a bit of fun!
Choose two of your listed pairings. Just the first two that pop into your head.

1. Robotnik/Sara
2. Luxord/Eggman Nega (Wait a minute... OH SHI-)

Now answer the questions/scenarios below.

These two pairings have been swapped. Partner A of Pairing 1 is with Partner B of Pairing 2 and vice versa. What is their initial response to this sudden change of events?

Eggman Nega: ...Well...This is awkward.
Robotnik: It is? How so?
Eggman Nega: Oh, that's right, you don't know yet.
Robotnik: Know what?
Eggman Nega: That I'm a descendant of yours from the future.
Robotnik: Huh?!

Would Partner A of Pairing 1 (PAP1 for short) be attracted to PBP2? How about the other way around?

Robotnik: What?! Absolutely not! Are you insane?!

What about PBP1 and PAP2? Is there any attraction in that mash-up?

(Luxord and Sara play poker)
Luxord: Royal flush beats a full house; you lose again.
Sara: No no no no it's not fair! You always win at these stupid card games and all those dice games you've made me play! Why can't we ever do something else that I wanna do?!
Luxord: You are an exceedingly trying girl, aren't you? I can hardly fathom what this Ivo Robotnik sees in you...
(So, in short, no.)

Boners aside, would either of these pairings be compatible on a personality level?

Robotnik and Eggman-Nega? Not really; even Robotnik has some standards. Luxord and Sara? Definitely not.

If the pairings exist in different fandoms or universes, how would the B partners (the ones who got swapped) function in their sudden environment change? If both pairings are from the same fandom then disregard this question.

I don't think either one would care much; weirder things have happened to them.

If the two swapped pairs, by some crazy stretch of fictional reality bending, ended up bumping into each other in the same place, who would they conduct themselves? Could we expect civil behavior and possibly a polite 'un-swap' or will we be treated to epic cat and dog fights?

Luxord: You may take her back if you so desire; she is not worth the trouble.
Sara: Fine by me! Robotnik's more fun to hang out with anyway!
Robotnik: :blushes: Aww, I missed you too, my dear.
Sara: I didn't say I missed you, I just said that you were more fun!
Eggman Nega: ...Seriously, what is it that you see in her?

Let's pretend that PAP1 and PBP2 slept together. Just momentarily suspend all possible hindrances to that for a moment. How would their real partners react to being informed of this occurrence?

Sara: What?! But I thought that you wanted to be with me!
Robotnik: I thought you didn't care about me.
Sara: I never said that I didn't care!
Luxord: (slowly looks over at Eggman Nega) ...I knew that you were mad, but that is going a bit too far.
Eggman Nega: You don't think I know that?
Luxord: Then why did you-
Eggman Nega: I don't want to talk about it...

How about if the opposite happened? PBP1 and PAP2 were the naughty ones and a little bird told PAP1 and PBP2?

Robotnik: :|
Eggman Nega: ...Luxord, with all due respect, you could've done so much better.
Luxord: *sigh* I know...
Robotnik: :|
Sara: Hey, I'm still here and I can still hear you!
Eggman Nega: Yes, we can tell.
Robotnik: :|

Let's say they got together and tried to have a four-way. How well does that work out?

It doesn't, because that's not going to happen. End of story.

Okay back to the 5+ we were originally working with!
Rearrange your list to reflect which pairings you chose are your favourite. 1 is nearest and dearest, and then in descending order from there.

I don't play favorites.

Ta-da! You're done! Hope you had fun, and don't tag anyone because tagging is evil, and gnomes will come and steal your unmentionables if you do it. Just remember that anyone's welcome to borrow and fill this out at their leisure!

Discouraging tagging others who may not do it anyway? Sweet!


...So, uh...what've you guys been up to lately?


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If you want to get to know me, just ask. Okay?

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